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23/01/2012 Agenda 1st part of the 2012 Ordinary Session (23-27 January 2012) (Doc. 12808)
24/01/2012 Guaranteeing the authority and effectiveness of the European Convention on Human Rights (Doc. 12811)
24/01/2012 The functioning of democratic institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Doc. 12816)
24/01/2012 The right of everyone to take part in cultural life (Doc. 12815)
25/01/2012 Protecting human rights and dignity by taking into account previously expressed wishes of patients (Doc. 12804)
25/01/2012 The honouring of obligations and commitments by Serbia (Doc. 12813)
25/01/2012 The situation in Belarus (Doc. 12820)
26/01/2012 Advancing women’s rights worldwide (Doc. 12812)
26/01/2012 Promoting the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Doc. 12810)
26/01/2012 The functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine (Doc. 12814)
27/01/2012 Demographic trends in Europe: turning challenges into opportunities (Doc. 12817)
27/01/2012 Enforced population transfer as a human rights violation (Doc. 12819)