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Date   Votes on draft texts
24/04/2012 Equality between women and men: a condition for the success of the Arab Spring (Doc. 12893)
24/04/2012 Lives lost in the Mediterranean Sea: Who is responsible? (Doc. 12895)
24/04/2012 The promotion of active citizenship in Europe (Doc. 12898)
25/04/2012 Good governance and ethics in sport (Doc. 12889)
25/04/2012 The need to combat match-fixing (Doc. 12891)
25/04/2012 The protection of freedom of expression and information on the Internet and online media (Doc. 12874)
26/04/2012 Follow-up by the Committee of Ministers to the work of the Parliamentary Assembly (Doc. 12887)
26/04/2012 The situation in Syria (Doc. 12906)
26/04/2012 The situation of IDPs and returnees in the North Caucasus region (Doc. 12882)
27/04/2012 Decent pensions for all (Doc. 12896)
27/04/2012 Promoting an appropriate policy on tax havens (Doc. 12894)