Doc. 10990

27 June 2006

The Armenian policy of ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis

Motion for a resolution

presented by M Rafael Huseynov and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

      The facts of the ethnic cleansing committed by the occupant Armenia against Azerbaijan have been indicated in the first paragraph of the PACE Resolution 1416, adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on 25 January 2005. Nowadays, this country-invader and the Armenian lobby being its supporter with their prime goal to “create Great Armenia from sea to sea” are a serious threat not only for Azerbaijan but for a number of other countries as well. Having their secret and open activities aimed at the creation of “small Armenia states” in several countries of their compact living by using separatism, ethnic cleansing and terrorism the “Armenianism” can only be stopped by means of common efforts. In order to fight this dangerous phenomenon, the detailed study of its anatomy must be carried out. In this regard, there is a necessity to pay strict attention to the ethnic cleansing policy carried out by Armenia and “Armenianism” against Azerbaijanis. This policy of Armenians against Azerbaijanis has been purposely implemented for more than a century.

      At the beginning of 1905, the Armenians committing mass carnage against Azerbaijanis in Baku, Nachchivan, Iravan and Zangazur perpetrated the massacres against Azerbaijanis in Karabakh-Shusha, Javanshir, Jabrayil and Ganja by the use of the most severe inhuman methods on 28 November of the same year.

      In 1914, the Armenians killed 150,000 Azerbaijanis in the provinces of Khoy, Urmiya, Salmas of South Azerbaijan as well as 200,000 Azerbaijanis in Gars, Ardahan and Erzurum. In 1918, with a view to establishing the Bolshevik ruling system in the country as well as with their direct assistance the Armenians in March, April and May killed more than 50,000 Azerbaijanis in Baku, Shamakhi, Guba, Kurdemir and Lankaran. The Armenians have continued even more severe massacres in Karabakh, Zangezur, Gars and Iravan.

      During 1920-60, the mass employment of Armenians in the structures of the KGB (State Security Committee) of Azerbaijan created the favourable conditions for their bloody repressions against most distinguished persons and families of Azerbaijan and resulted in the elimination of thousands of valuable representatives of the intelligentsia of Azerbaijan. Today, the revealed hundreds of forged criminal cases in the archives of former KGB concretely and with undeniable facts demonstrate the wide scale of ethnic cleansing and genocide policy carried out by the Armenians against Azerbaijanis through this organisation.

      During 1930-37, in order to realise the next more bloody stage of the ethnic cleansing and genocide policy, more than 50,000 Azerbaijanis from the Azerbaijani regions bordering with Armenia were deported to Siberia and Kazakhstan.

      The Armenians with the assistance of representatives in the Kremlin succeeded in the adoption of the Order 4083 (23 December 1947) and the Order 754 (19 March 1948) by which time more than 150,000 Azerbaijanis especially during 1948-53, were forcibly deported by Armenians from their historical homelands in the territory of present Armenia to the remote territories with a rigorous climate so as to hasten the physical annihilation of Azerbaijanis. The majority of the exiled population either died as it was planned in advance as a result of the hardest physical tortures during a time of deportation, or annihilated collectively caused by illnesses originating from the differing strong climates.

      According to a secret decision adopted by the Supreme Soviet of Armenia on 22 November 1988, the last and most terrible stage of the ethnic cleansing policy of the 20th century began. From 22-28 November part of the Azerbaijani population consisting of 300,000 inhabitants residing in the 22 regions of the territory of Armenia were killed with a special brutality and others facing a real threat of death were forced to get out of the country. As a result of the military aggression conducted by Armenia since that time which continued until 1992, 12 districts with 17,000 sq. kms were occupied by Armenia and more than 700,000 Azerbaijanis living there, became IDPs. As a result of this policy, Armenia became the mono-ethnic state with not one single Azerbaijani residing there and nowadays, the Republic of Armenia systematically and purposely conducts the illegal policy of settlement of Armenians on the occupied Azerbaijani territories. Armenia not having been accordingly punished for the gross crimes committed by it and ignoring international legal norms does not refrain from celebrating as a special day even with the participation of the high-ranking officials, its ethnic cleansing policy successes as well as devastation of the occupied cities from Azerbaijanis.

      Taking into account the seriousness of the problem mentioned above, the Parliamentary Assembly:

-        condemns all forms of the ethnic cleansing and its consequences;

-       supposes the discussion of the issue with the appropriate committees;

-       considers the appointment of a rapporteur for an overall and comprehensive examination of the matter concerned as of particular importance.

Signed 1:

1 SOC: Socialist Group
      EPP/CD: Group of the European People’s Party
      ALDE: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
      EDG: European Democratic Group
      UEL: Group of the Unified European Left
      NR: not registered in a group