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Resolution 105 (1956)

Rationalising the constitutions and terms of reference of Assembly committees

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

Origin - see Doc. 562, draft Resolution presented by the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges and Explanatory Memorandum by M. Kraft. This Resolution was adopted by the Assembly at its 27th Sitting, on 25th October 1956

Article 1

Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Rule 40 of the Rules of Procedure shall be amended and worded as follows :

1. At the beginning of each Ordinary Session the Assembly shall set up the following general committees:
1.1. General Affairs Committee,
1.2. Economic Committee,
1.3. Social Committee,
1.4. Legal Committee,
1.5. Cultural Committee,
1.6. Committee on Rules of Procedure,
1.7. Committee on Agriculture,
1.8. Committee on Local Authorities,
1.9. Committee on non-represented Nations,
1.10. Committee on the Budget.
2. The Assembly may also set up special committees for specific purposes. All motions to set up a special committee shall be included in the register of the Assembly in accordance with Rule 28 above and referred to the Committee on Rules of Procedure for report.

The term of office of a Special Committee shall end after its report has been dealt with by the Assembly."

Article 2

The number of seats in the first five committees enumerated in Article 1 above shall be 30, in the following three committees 24, in the last two committees 16.

Article 3

The work and functions of the Committee on Population and Refugees shall be transferred to the Social Committee and those of the Special Committee for the coordination of European assistance in cases of natural disaster to the Committee on Local Authorities.

Article 4

This Resolution will come into effect at the opening of the Ninth Ordinary Session of the Assembly.