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Order 265 (1967)

Study of Youth problems in Europe

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

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Appendix – Orders adopted


September 1967


Sitting and date

Directed to :



8th Sitting

25th September 1967

Legal Committee

Situation in Greece (Doc. As/Per (19) PV 1)

The Assembly instructs its Legal Committee to continue to study the legal aspects of the present situation in Greece and the problems arising in connection with the enforcement of obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights, and to report to the Assembly at its next part-Session.


8th Sitting

25th September 1967

Committee on Science and Technology

European space policy (Doc. 2243)

The Assembly,

1. Having considered the report on European space policy of the Committee on Science and Technology ;

2. Noting that the report also deals with the role of space research and space technology in a future European Technological Community ;

3. Considering that the role of science and technology in general in a future European Technological Community ought to be examined,

4. Instructs the Committee on Science and Technology :

(a) to prepare a paper on this question to be incorporated in the report to the Assembly in connection with the debate on the extension of the European Communities at the September Session of the Assembly ; and

(b) to follow developments in space research and technology with special reference to the outcome of the 2nd European Space Conference of July 1967.


8th Sitting

25th September 1967

Secretary General

Financing of international cultural co-operation in Council of Europe member countries

The Assembly,

1. In view of its Recommendation 497 on the strengthening and rationalisation of international cultural co-operation,

2. Instructs the Secretary General to obtain particulars of the appropriations allotted in national budgets to bilateral and multilateral co-operation respectively.


8th Sitting 25th September 1967

Secretary General and Joint Working Party on Youth Questions

Study of Youth problems in Europe (Doc. 2277)

The Assembly,

1. Having heard the statement by Mr. Missoffe, French Minister for Youth and Sport, on youth problems ;

2. Recalling its Resolution 302 on the development of and prospects for European co-operation in the cultural field, and in particular its Resolution 303 whereby the Assembly resolved to give thorough study to the formulation and eventual implementation of a European youth policy ;

3. Considering that in a number of countries substantial work has been done on youth questions ;

4. Considering that the importance and the acute character of youth problems justify, at the European level, an inter-disciplinary survey covering such spheres as sociology and psychology and including in particular an inventory, followed by a synthesis of studies already concluded or in progress, both at international and at national level ;

5. Aware that a survey of this kind is a necessary preliminary to any attempt to sketch out a European youth policy, but considering, nevertheless, that an objective study of such dimensions cannot be embarked upon without the help of a group of sociological, psychological, legal and other experts specialising in youth problems,

Instructs :

(a) the Joint Working Party on Youth Questions, set up by Resolution 303, to continue and extend its work along the lines indicated, calling on experts and sociological institutes specialising in this field ;

(b) the Secretary General to take the necessary steps to carry out the survey mentioned and, in particular, to make the necessary financial arrangements.