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Recommendation 12 (1951)

Setting up of an association of European air line companies

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

Origin - This Recommendation was adopted by the Assembly at its Thirty-fourth Sitting, 7th December, 1951 (see Doc. 59, Report of the Committee on Economic Questions).

The Assembly,

Having regard to Recommendation 7 on the Co-ordination of European Communications adopted on 26th August, 1950,

Having considered the position of the various European methods of transport and recognising the desirability of co-ordinating them by means of establishing a European Transport Authority,

1. Is of the opinion that, having regard to the conditions in which the various European air lines at present operate, the co-ordination of air transport is particularly desirable,
2. Recommends that a conference of governmental experts and of representatives of the various European air companies be immediately convened in order :
a. to examine the possibility of setting up, under conditions to be laid down and approved, an association of Air Line Companies to take charge of air communications between Member States, or
b. to report on other possible methods of achieving closer collaboration in order to secure the economic and efficient operation of European Air transport.