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Recommendation 4 (1951)

Progress Report of the O.E.E.C.

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

The Assembly

Being of opinion that the work of O.E.E.C. in the field of European economic co-operation is a most valuable contribution towards the achievement of those aims to which both Organisations are pledged,

Welcomes the submission to it for its opinion of the first report of O.E.E.C. made in accordance with the arrangement approved by the Committee of Ministers and the Council of O.E.E.C.

Notes that the report in question refers rather to past achievements than to the most urgent issues with which Europe is at present faced, and

Expresses the hope that in the reports which O.E.E.C. will furnish on the occasion of future sessions of the Assembly the O.E.E.C. will take into account the following suggestions :

a. that the report be submitted to the Secretariat-General three weeks before the opening of each part of the Session for prior communication to the Committee on Economic Questions,
b. that the report should deal principally with specific and current problems and with the topics on which the work of O.E.E.C. will be based in the following months,

Commends to the attention of the O.E.E.C. the various suggestions made in the debate.