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Amendment No. 24 | Doc. 14282 | 24 April 2017

The functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey

Signatories: Mr Markar ESEYAN, Turkey, ALDE ; Mr Şaban DİŞLİ, Turkey, EPP/CD ; Mr Salih FIRAT, Turkey, EC ; Mr Mehmet Kasım GÜLPINAR, Turkey, EC ; Ms Emine Nur GÜNAY, Turkey, EC ; Mr Suat ÖNAL, Turkey, EC ; Mr Burhanettin UYSAL, Turkey, EC ; Ms Serap YAŞAR, Turkey, EC

Origin - 2017 - Second part-session

In the draft resolution, replace paragraph 7 with the following paragraph:

"Eight months after the attempted coup, the situation has been stabilised to a certain extent. The decree-laws, which have been necessarily issued to take measures in proportion to the present crisis, have been playing an important role in stabilising the situation and in fighting terrorist organisations. However, the Assembly notes that most of the decree-laws have so far not been approved by Parliament (as required by the Constitution)."