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Amendment No. 49 | Doc. 14282 | 24 April 2017

The functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey

Signatories: Mr Mehmet Kasım GÜLPINAR, Turkey, EC ; Mr Şaban DİŞLİ, Turkey, EPP/CD ; Mr Markar ESEYAN, Turkey, ALDE ; Ms Emine Nur GÜNAY, Turkey, EC ; Mr Suat ÖNAL, Turkey, EC ; Mr Burhanettin UYSAL, Turkey, EC ; Ms Serap YAŞAR, Turkey, EC

Origin - 2017 - Second part-session

In the draft resolution, after paragraph 31, insert the following paragraph:

"As judicial review was previously unavailable against actions that were signed by the President himself, the Assembly welcomes that with the law that amended the Constitution, administrative procedure will be available in respect of all actions and operations of the President, and Constitutional Court judicial review will be possible against Presidential Decrees. Thus it concludes that the President is now accountable with respect to all his actions and decisions made with the Prime Minister and Ministers. The Assembly also recognises that by the adopted constitutional changes, legislative power will belong only to the Assembly, and the President will not be authorised to propose legislation. The Assembly thus concludes that a more suitable government system is envisaged with respect to the principle of "checks and balances" since the legislative power is completely separated from the executive power."