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Recommendation 2113 (2017)

Call for a Council of Europe summit to reaffirm European unity and to defend and promote democratic security in Europe

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

Origin - Assembly debate on 11 October 2017 (33rd Sitting) (see Doc. 14396, report of the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy, rapporteur: Mr Michele Nicoletti). Text adopted by the Assembly on 11 October 2017 (33rd Sitting).

1. The Parliamentary Assembly refers to its Resolution 2186 (2017) on the call for a Council of Europe summit to reaffirm European unity and to defend and promote democratic security in Europe, in which it expresses its concern about the numerous challenges currently threatening the European continent and its unity. Against this background, and for the reasons given in its resolution, the Assembly believes that the Council of Europe and the values it upholds are today more necessary than ever.
2. In order to preserve and further strengthen the pan-European project in a Europe which has changed profoundly since the last summit held in Warsaw twelve years ago, the Assembly calls on the Committee of Ministers to convene a 4th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe. This would offer a unique opportunity for member States to reaffirm, in the strongest possible terms and at the highest political level, their commitment to the ideal of European unity and the common values and principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law upheld by the Organisation.
3. The Assembly recommends that the 4th summit be focused and provide political impetus for a number of specific initiatives suggested in a non-exhaustive manner in its resolution. It should also offer a fresh and timely opportunity to define, at the highest political level, the role to be played by the Council of Europe in the overall European political architecture and address outstanding challenges in its relations with the European Union, in the light, inter alia, of the 2006 report entitled “Council of Europe–European Union: A sole ambition for Europe”, in the interest of European citizens.
4. Although the primary responsibility for the organisation of a summit lies with the Committee of Ministers, the Assembly underlines that an efficient preparation of the summit would require the development of synergies between all sectors of the Organisation, co-ordinated by its Secretary General, and more significantly between its two statutory organs. The Assembly therefore asks the Committee of Ministers to:
4.1. closely associate the Assembly in the preparation of the draft agenda and draft declaration of the 4th summit;
4.2. consider its proposal, as part of the preparatory work for the summit and for the reasons and according to the modalities described in its resolution, to engage in a procedure aimed at harmonising jointly the rules governing participation, representation and responsibilities of member States in both statutory organs, while fully respecting the autonomy of these bodies.