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Report on credentials | Doc. 14913 Add. | 25 June 2019

Examination of credentials of representatives and substitutes

1. In accordance with Rule 6, paragraphs 1 and 4, of the Rules of Procedure and Resolution (2019) 2287 “Strengthening the decision-making process of the Parliamentary Assembly concerning credentials and voting”, the President of the Assembly has received credentials of representatives and substitutes for the third part of the 2019 Ordinary Session of the Assembly, which have been transmitted in due form by the competent authorities of member States.
2. The Assembly is called upon to take a decision on the ratification of the credentials of the representatives and substitutes whose names are given below.
3. The Russian Federation has appointed a new delegation.
4. In the case of objection or justified contestation, the challenged credentials shall be referred without debate to the appropriate committee, which shall report back to the Assembly in accordance with Rules 7 and 8 of the Rules of Procedure.

1. Members

1.1. Russian Federation

1.1.1. Representatives

Mr Aleksandr BASHKIN ()

Mr Andrey EPISHIN ()

Mr Leonid KALASHNIKOV (Communist Party)

Mr Sergey KALASHNIKOV (Liberal Democratic Party)

Mr Sergey KISLYAK ()

Mr Vladimir KOZHIN ()

Mr Igor LEBEDEV (Liberal Democratic Party)

Ms Tatiana LEBEDEVA ()

Mr Sergey LISOVSKIY ()

Mr Sergey PAKHOMOV (United Russia)

Ms Oksana PUSHKINA ()

Ms Irina RODNINA (United Russia)

Mr Nikolay RYZHAK (Just Russia)

Mr Shamsail SARALIEV (United Russia)

Ms Elena SEROVA (United Russia)

Mr Leonid SLUTSKIY (Liberal Democratic Party)

Mr Piotr TOLSTOY (United Russia)

Ms Svetlana ZHUROVA (United Russia)

1.1.2. Substitutes

Mr Anatoly AKSAKOV (Just Russia)

Ms Alena ARSHINOVA (United Russia)

Mr Vladimir BLOTSKIY (Communist Party)

Mr Vyacheslav FETISOV (United Russia)

Ms Vera GANZIA (Communist Party)



Ms Alfiia KOGOGINA (United Russia)

Mr Aleksei KONDRATEV ()

Mr Yaroslav NILOV (Liberal Democratic Party)

Mr Yury OLEYNIKOV (United Russia)

Mr Valery PONOMAREV (United Russia)

Mr Alexandr PROKOPIEV (United Russia)

Mr Roman ROMANENKO (United Russia)



Mr Artur TAYMAZOV (United Russia)

Mr Dmitrii VASILENKO ()