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Report | Doc. 601 | 08 January 1957

Examination of credentials

Relations with European Non-Member Countries

Rapporteur : Lord L. John EDWARDS, United Kingdom, SOC

1. In accordance with Rule 6 of the Rules of Procedure, the Committee appointed to examine credentials examined those of the new Representatives and Substitutes in the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe, appointed following general elections or resignations.

2. The Federal Republic of Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have submitted new credentials duly certified by their Ministers for Foreign Affairs.


a. The Federal Republic of Germany has appointed Mme. Maxsein and M. Serres as substitute members, in replacement of MM. Hellwig and Lemmer, who have resigned.
b. The Netherlands, following a general election, have appointed new Representatives and Substitutes.
c. The United Kingdom has appointed the Rt. Hon. Walter Elliot as a Representative, in replacement of the Rt. Hon. John Maclay, who has resigned.

4. On 1st January 1957, as a result of the conclusion of the Franco-German agreements, the Saar ceased to be an associate Member of the Council of Europe. The three seats belonging to the Saar have therefore been cancelled, and the total number of seats in the Assembly has been reduced from 138 to 135. Since a seat has fallen vacant as a result of the death of M. Perrier, who has not been replaced, the number of seats filled is 134.

5. No objection having been raised, the Committee unanimously proposes to the Assembly that the validity of the following new Representatives and Substitutes be confirmed :

M. BlESHEUVELNetherlandsRt. Hon. Walter ELLIOTUnited KingdomMM. FENSNetherlandsvan der GOES vanNetherlandsÑATEES d e GouNetherlandsKAPTEIJNNetherlandsKORTHALSNetherlandsSCHMALNetherlandsMM. DUYNSTEENetherlandsGOEDHARTNetherlandsde GROOTHNetherlandsMme MAXSEINFed. Rep. of GermanyMM. RIPNetherlandsRuYGERSNetherlandsSCHUIJTNetherlandsSERRESFed. Rep. of GermanyVIXSEBOXSENetherlands