Synopsis n 2001/008

23 January 2001


            The Committee on Culture and Education, meeting in Strasbourg on 22 January 2001, under the Chairmanship of Mr Roseta:

-         approved an opinion on regional and minority languages (Rapporteur: Mr de Puig, Spain, SOC) to the report on the right of national minorities of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights;

-         heard a report by Mr Urbanczyk (Poland, SOC) on the hearing on information and freedom of expression organised by the Ukrainian Parliament (Kyiv, 16 January 2001); appointed him Rapporteur and approved an opinion to the report on Freedom of expression and functioning of parliamentary democracy in Ukraine of the Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe (Monitoring Committee) subject to the Assembly’s decision on an urgent procedure debate on this issue;

-         heard a report by Mr Jarab on the situation in the Czech Television;

-         held a public hearing on freedom of expression in the media in Russia with the participation in particular of MM. Simonov (President of the Glasnost Defence Foundation, Russia), Bogdanov (President of the Russian Union of Journalists), Kiselev (Director General of NTV, Russia), Gusinsky (President Media Most), Babitsky and Pasko (journalists).