Synopsis n° 2001/112

1st October 2001

               The Committee on Culture, Science and Education, meeting in Strasbourg on 26 and 28 September 2001 with Mr Rakhansky in the chair:

 ·        held a special meeting, chaired successively by Mr Rakhansky, Mr de Puig and Mr Billing, to celebrate the European Day of Languages, on 26 September, open to all Assembly Members, journalists and Council of Europe staff and with the participation of students from Kehl, in which it:

- heard statements by Mr Perényi, Chairman of the Ministers’ Deputies Rapporteur Group on Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, and Mr Bendik Rugaas, Director General of Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport;

- heard a presentation on “A language revolution: from reluctance to renaissance” by Professor David Crystal, Honorary Professor of Linguistics at the University of Wales, and held an exchange of views;

- listened to a song by the Alsatian song writer, René Egles;

·        elected Mr Saglam Vice-Chairman in the place of Mr Risari;

·        regretted that the debate on the European Year of Languages did not take place on the European Day of Languages and appointed Mr de Puig (Spain, SOC) to present the report to the Assembly on 28 September in the place of Mr Legendre;

·        took position on an amendment tabled to the draft recommendation on higher education in South-Eastern Europe (Rapporteur: Mr Baciu, Romania, SOC);

·        appointed Mr Mateju (Czech Republic, EPP/CD) to present to the Assembly the report on the situation of young researchers in Europe in the place of Mr Wittbrodt;

·        held an exchange of views on European Cultural Cooperation with Mr Rugaas,  Director General of Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport;

·        approved a programme for its meeting in Armenia (22-24 October 2001);

·        heard reports by:

- Mr Libicki on the opening Ceremony for the Council of Europe Art Exhibition “Otto the Great” (Magdeburg, 26 August 2001);

- Mr Baciu on the 2nd Colloquy of the Secretary General on European Identity (Strasbourg, 20-21 September 2001);

- the Chairman on the International Symposium on a Common European Scientific-Technological Space (22-25 September 2001, Kyiv);

·        appointed, on the proposal of the Sub-Committee on Youth and Sport, Mr Kiely (Ireland, LDR) Rapporteur on European cooperation in the field of sports and Mrs Agudo (Spain, SOC) on youth policies in the Council of Europe;

·        took note of motions referred to the Committee for information and of replies by the Committee of Ministers to Assembly recommendations on religion and democracy, on illegal activities of sects, on parents’ and teachers’ responsibilities in children’s education and on freedom of expression and information in the media in Europe;

·        designated representatives to forthcoming meetings;

·        appointed Mrs Milotinova (Bulgaria) to the Sub-Committee on the Media, Mr Lengagne (France) to the Sub-Committee on the Cultural Heritage as an alternate to Mr Legendre and to the Sub-Committee on Science and Ethics and Mr Malgieri (Italy) to the Sub-Committee on the Cultural Heritage and to the Sub-Committee on the Media;

·        confirmed the dates of its next meetings:

-         Yerevan, 22-24 October 2001

-         Paris, 11 December 2001


C. Grayson, J. Ary, B. Theophilova, B. Torcătoriu