Synopsis n 2001/142 Revised

9 January 2002


The Sub-Committee on the Cultural Heritage (Committee on Culture; Science and Education), meeting in Paris on 10 December 2001, with Mr Legendre in the chair:

          in the context of examining the activities of the General Rapporteur for the Cultural Heritage, Mrs Stepova, held an exchange of views on the cultural and natural heritage of Cyprus, together with representatives of the Turkish Cypriot community, reached agreement on a draft proposal for a European Foundation for the protection and preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of Cyprus and asked the General Rapporteur to proceed to putting the proposal into effect;

          discussed the cultural aspects of the Ilisu Dam Project in SE Turkey on the basis of a report by the General Rapporteur on a fact-finding visit to the area in early November and concluded that if the dam was to go ahead vigilance must be taken by the Turkish authorities for the proper rescue and protection of the cultures of the area and for the coordination of Turkish and international efforts to this end;

          took note of further documentation on the Romanian Treasure submitted by the Romanian Authorities;

          was informed on the activities of the European Museum Forum by Mr van der Weiden, Director of Naturalis Museum (Leiden) and Vice-President of the Forum, and in particular on the Seminar on access to the European heritage in museums (Monsummano, Italy 18-20 October 2001);

          held an exchange of views on the spirit of Europe in museums on the basis of an oral presentation by the rapporteur, Mr Valk (Netherlands, SOC);

          discussed the museums shortlisted for the 2002 Council of Europe Museum Prize (rapporteur: Mr Valk);

          was informed on work relating to VAT by Mr Sell, Chairman of the Europa Nostra working group, and proposed Baroness Hooper (United Kingdom, EDG) as rapporteur on tax incentives for cultural heritage conservation;

          was informed by Mr Sell on the activities of Europa Nostra and took note in particular of the congress to be held in Dubrovnik on 17-18 May 2002;

          proposed Mrs Troncho (Portugal, SOC) as rapporteur on Kurdish cultural heritage (Doc. 8975) and Mr Lemoine as the Assembly representative on the Administrative Board of the European Cultural Routes Institute (Luxembourg);

          expressed continuing support for the European Foundation for Heritage Skills (FEMP) following an oral report from Baroness Hooper, President of the Foundation;

          held an exchange of views on developments relating to underwater archaeology (rapporteur Mr O’Hara) and welcomed in particular the adoption by Unesco of a convention on the subject;

          decided to hold its next meeting in Strasbourg during the Assembly January part-session (reconstitution).


Christopher Grayson