Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly


Synopsis No. 2001/001

12 January 2001


The Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, meeting in Paris on 9 January 2001 with first Mrs Vermot-Mangold (Switzerland, SOC) and then Mrs Roudy (France, SOC) in the Chair:


-                  held exchanges of views with :

·       Mrs Violeta Neubauer, Chairperson of the Steering Committee for equality between women and men on the activities of this intergovernmental Committee of the Council of Europe;

·       Mrs Christine Pintat, General Under-Secretary of the IPU on the activities of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in the field of equality;

as regards:

-                  Domestic slavery (Rapporteur: Mr Connor, Ireland, EPP/CD) : considered and approved a preliminary draft report;

-                  Female genital mutilation (Rapporteur: Mrs Vermot-Mangold, Switzerland, SOC): considered a memorandum;

-                  Violence against women in Europe: considered the reply of the Committee of Ministers to the Assembly Recommendation 1450 (2000);

-                  Hearing on the situation of Maghrebi women in Europe: considered a preliminary draft programme;

-                  Appointment of speakers for debates during the January part-session plenary session: appointed:

·         Ms Herczog (Hungary, SOC) on Transit migration in central and eastern Europe;

·         Mrs Vermot-Mangold (Switzerland, SOC) on Humanitarian situation of refugees and IDPs from Chechnya;

-                  Appointment of rapporteurs: appointed:

·         Ms Herczog (Hungary, SOC) on European Women’s participation in decision-making;

·         Mrs Aguiar (Portugal, EPP/CD) on Equal representation in the public administration;

-                  Participation in meetings organised by other bodies: heard a statement by :

·         Ms Herczog (Hungary, SOC) on her participation in Workshop “Men and Women in politics: roles, rules and ratios” organised by the MONA Foundation (Hungary) and the Budapest Office of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Budapest, 3-4 November 2000):  

-           its next meetings, decided to meet as follows :

·         Strasbourg, during the Assembly 2001 first part-session (22-26 January);

·         Paris, Wednesday, 7 March 2001 (Council of Europe Office) followed by a hearing on the situation of  Maghrebi women in Europe ;

·         Strasbourg, during the Assembly 2001 second part-session (23-27 April);

·         Istanbul, during the Spring session of the Assembly (21-23 May 2001).


Agnès Nollinger