Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly


Synopsis No. 2001/014

29 January 2001


The Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, meeting in Strasbourg on 22 January 2001 with Mr Etherington (United Kingdom, SOC), senior member present, and then, Mrs Err (Luxembourg, SOC) in the Chair: 

-           elected Mrs Err (Luxembourg, SOC) Chairperson by acclamation;

-           elected Mrs Aguiar (Portugal, EPP/CD) first Vice-Chairperson by acclamation;

-                     elected Mr Hadjidemetriou (Cyprus, SOC) second Vice-Chairperson by acclamation

-                     elected Mrs Keltošová (Slovakia, EDG), third Vice-Chairperson by acclamation;

then, resuming its meeting on 25 January 2001, with Mrs Err (Luxembourg, SOC) in the Chair, as regards:

-                     the reconstitution of its sub-committees:

i.                     decided to reconstitute its sub-committee on violence towards women as follows:

Mrs Calner Sweden
Mr Connor (alternate : Mr Kiely) Ireland
Mrs Cryer (alternate : Baroness Knight) United Kingdom
Mrs Dromberg Finland
Mrs Gülek Turkey
Ms Jones United Kingdom
Mrs Katseli Greece
Mrs Keltošová Slovakia
Mrs Lopez Gonzalez (alternate : Mrs Castro) Spain
Mrs Pozza Tasca Italy 
Mrs Rupprecht Germany
Mrs Stoyanova Bulgaria
Mrs Vermot-Mangold Switzerland
Mrs Wurm Austria
Mrs Zwerver Netherlands
Mrs Err (ex officio) Luxembourg

ii.                   decided to set up a sub-commitee on women and new technologies as follows:

Mrs Aguiar Portugal
Mrs Andersen  Denmark
Mrs Biga-Friganovic Croatia
Mrs Castro (alternate :Mrs Lopez Gonzalez) Spain
Mrs Damanaki Greece
Mr Etherington United Kingdom
Mrs Freyberg (alternate : Mr Urbanczyk) Poland
Mrs Gatterer Austria
Mrs Granlund Sweden
Mr Hadjidemetriou  Cyprus
Ms Herczog Hungary
Mr Kiely (alternate: Mr Connor) Ireland
Mrs Luhtanen Finland
Mr Neuwirth France
Mrs Poptodorova Bulgaria
Mr Ustiugov Russia
Mrs Err (ex officio) Luxembourg


-                     Female genital mutilation (Rapporteur: Mrs Vermot-Mangold, Switzerland, SOC): considered a draft report and a preliminary draft resolution and decided to approve it at its next meeting;

-                     Domestic slavery (Rapporteur: Mr Connor, Ireland, EPP/CD) : discussed on the conclusions of the Committee’s work on this matter and on the press conference which was held on 9 January 2001;

-                     Meeting of the Committee in Turkey (21-23 May 2001): held an exchange of views on the draft programme and decided to resume this exchange of views at its next meeting;

-                     Appointment of rapporteurs: appointed Mrs Dromberg (Finland, EDG) on women and micro-loans;

-           Appointment of representatives to meetings organised by other committees: appointed Mrs Poptodorova (Bulgaria, SOC) and Mrs Vermot-Mangold (Switzerland, SOC) to attend the 91st European Seminar on equality between men and women in and through school organised in the framework of the Council of Europe’s programme for in-service training programme for educational staff, Donaueschingen (Germany), 14-18 May 2001

-                     Hearing on the situation of Maghrebi women in Europe: considered a preliminary draft programme for the hearing which will take place on 7 March 2001 in Paris;

-                     The Steering Committee for equality between women and men (CDEG): took note of the documents prepared by the inter-governmental sector on legislation in the member States of the Council of Europe in the field of violence against women;

-           its next meetings, decided to meet as follows :

·           Paris, Wednesday, 7 March 2001 (Council of Europe Office) followed by a hearing on the situation of  Maghrebi women in Europe ;

·           Paris, Monday 2 April 2001 (Council of Europe Office) followed by a hearing on trafficking in women;

·           Strasbourg, during the Assembly 2001 second part-session (23-27 April);

·           Istanbul, during the Spring session of the Assembly (21-23 May 2001).


Agnčs Nollinger / Olga Kostenko