Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly


Synopsis No. 2001/075

4 July 2001


The Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, meeting in Strasbourg on 26 and 28 June 2001 with Mrs Err (Luxembourg, Soc) in the Chair,

as regards:

-                      Domestic slavery (Rapporteur: Mr Connor, Ireland, EPP/CD): considered the amendments to the draft recommendation;

-          Parental leave (Rapporteur: Ms Zwerver, Netherlands, SOC) : considered an outline report;

-           Campaign against trafficking in women (Rapporteur: Ms Err, Luxembourg, SOC): considered a preliminary draft report and held an exchange of views on the contents of the preliminary draft recommendation;

-              Activities in the field of equality in other Council of Europe bodies: heard a statement by Ms Kaaf, Chairperson of the “Grouping of  NGOs on Gender Equality” and held an exchange of views;

-                     Meeting of the Committee in Bratislava (22-23 October 2001): discussed the preliminary draft programme of the meeting;

-                      Inter-Parliamentary Union: held an exchange of views on the proposals presented in Havana by the IPU Gender Partnership Group;

-        Appointment of rapporteurs:

·           Ms Zwerver (Netherlands, SOC) on migration connected with trafficking in women and prostitution;

·           Ms Keltosova (Slovakia, EDG) on domestic violence ;

·           Mr Etherington (United Kingdom, SOC) on the impact of the reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy (Global Gag Rule) by President Bush of the United States of America;

-           Participation in meetings organised by other bodies:

·        heard a report by Ms Zwerver (Netherlands, SOC) on the Hearing on women and new methods of assisted conception organised by the National Assembly (Paris, 5 April 2001);

·        heard a report by Ms Err (Luxembourg, SOC) on the Setting-up of the first Women Parliament in Slovakia organised by the AZEN, Foundation Alliance for the Ethic of Journalists (Bratislava, 3 May 2001);

·        took note of the written report on the Seminar on “Perspectives of public initiatives on preventing trafficking in women” (Kyiv, 12-13 June 2001);

·         heard a report by Ms Err (Luxembourg, SOC) on her participation in the hearing before members of the “Platform on Modern Slavery” (National Assembly, Paris, 21 June 2001);

-                   Appointment of representatives to meetings:

·          Ms Err (Luxembourg, SOC) to participate in the seminar on the participation of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts organised by the Steering Committee for equality between women and men (CDEG), Strasbourg, 20-21 September 2001 ;

·          Ms Zwerver (Netherlands, SOC) to represent the Committee at the 106th Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), 9-15 September 2001;

-                     its next meetings, decided to meet as follows:

·           Paris, Thursday 6 September 2001 (Council of Europe Office);

·           Strasbourg, during the Assembly 2001 fourth part-session (24-28 September);

·           Bratislava, 22-23 October 2001.


Agnès Nollinger / Olga Kostenko