Synopsis No 2000/026

1 February 2000


The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, meeting in Strasbourg on 27 January 2000, with Mr Jansson in the Chair, as regards:

-         Situation of the Muslim minority in Greece, Western Thrace (Rapporteurs: Mr Contestabile, Italy, EPP/CD and Mr Solonari, Moldova, SOC): heard a statement by Mr Solonari on his visit to Western Thrace (Greece) on 26-29 September 1999 and decided to have an exchange of views on the matter at its next meeting; 

-         Request by Armenia for membership of the Council of Europe: appointed Mr Spindelegger (Austria, EPP/CD) as its Rapporteur for opinion, to replace Mr Columberg; 

-         Situation of human rights in Lithuania (Rapporteur: Mr Gross, Switzerland, SOC): head a statement by the Rapporteur, and decided to transmit his report to the Monitoring Committee and to invite the CPT to visit the country; 

-         Sub-Committee on Human Rights: reconstituted its Sub-Committee as follows:


Members            Alternates

Mr          Akçali          Turkey      Mr          Bal

Mr          Bartumeu Cassany          Andorra   Mr          Alis Font

Mr          Bindig          Germany 

Mr          Cilevics          Latvia       

Mr          Clerfayt          Belgium           

Mr          Contestabile          Italy          Mr          Rodeghiero

Mr          Demetriou          Cyprus

Mrs   Err          Luxembourg

Mr          Jaskiernia          Poland      Mrs Krzyzanowska

Mr          Jurgens          Netherlands     

Mr          Holovaty          Ukraine

Mr          Kelemen          Hungary  

Lord          Kirkhill          United Kingdom          Mr          McNamara

Mr          Lopez Henares          Spain        Mrs           Calleja

Mr          Magnusson          Sweden

Mr          Marty          Switzerland          Mrs           Nabholz-Heidegger

Mr          Moeller          Denmark 

Mr          Nastase          Romania    Mr          Frunda

Mr          Polydoras          Greece

Mr          Svoboda          Czech Republic

Mr          Vishnyakov          Russia       Mr          Shishlov

Mrs           Wohlwend          Liechtenstein

Mr          Jansson, ex officio           Finland       


-         Sub-Committee on the Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights: decided to reconstitute it and postponed a decision on its composition until its next meeting; 

-         8th International Judicial Conference: appointed Mr Jaskiernia (Poland, SOC) as its representative at the Conference, to take place in San Francisco (United States of America) on 25-27 May 2000;

-         Appointment of rapporteurs:

-       Legal aspects of the new information and communication technologies: Mr Tallo (Estonia, SOC) 

-       Standards for the political handling of dealings concerning property after World War II: Mr Jurgens (Netherlands, SOC) 

-       Application of seismic-protection legislation (for opinion): Mrs Err (Luxembourg, SOC) 

-       Recognition of the right to a healthy and viable environment in the European Convention on Human Rights (for opinion): Mr Jurgens (Netherlands, SOC) 

-       Setting up a European urban security office (for opinion): Mr McNamara (United Kingdom, SOC)

-       Participation of immigrants and foreign residents in political life in the Council of Europe Member States (for opinion): Mr Akçali (Turkey, EDG) 

-       Transit migration in Central and Eastern Europe (for opinion): Mr Shishlov (Russia, LDR) 

-       Campaign against trafficking in women (for opinion): Mrs Cryer (United Kingdom, SOC) 

-       Declaration on the rights and responsibilities of the citizen in a democratic society (for opinion): Mr Jurgens (Netherlands, SOC); 

-           Execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (Rapporteur: Mr Jurgens, Netherlands, SOC): authorised the Rapporteur to visit Mr Abdelhamid Hakkar in prison, and to ask for the opinion of the European Court of Human Rights on his draft report; 

-           Request by Bosnia and Herzegovina for membership of the Council of Europe (Rapporteur: Mrs Jäätteenmäki, Finland, LDR): heard a statement by the Rapporteur on her visit to the country on 12-14 January 2000; 

-           Meeting in Cyprus: accepted an invitation from the Parliament of Cyprus to meet in Cyprus, subject to the authorisation of the Bureau; 

-         Meeting in Rome: decided to meet in Rome on 2 November 2000 on the occasion of the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights, subject to the authorisation of the Bureau; 

-         Next meetings: 

-           Paris, Monday 6 March 2000 at 9 h 30 (National Assembly)

-           Strasbourg, during the Assembly's April 2000 part-session


 La Sub-Committee on Human Rights, of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, meeting in Strasbourg on 27 January 2000, with Mr Akçali, then Mr Jaskiernia in the Chair, as regards:

-         Election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Sub-Committee: elected Mr Jaskiernia (Poland, SOC) Chairperson of the Sub-Committee, and Mrs Wohlwend (Liechtenstein, EPP/CD) Vice-Chairperson of the Sub-Committee by acclamation; 

-         Next meetings

. Paris, Tuesday 7 March 2000 à 9 h 30 (Council of Europe Office)


Allard A. Plate, Danielle Coin, Tanja Kleinsorge, David Cupina