Synopsis No. 2000/130

18 September 2000


The Committee on Migration, Refugees and Demography, meeting in Struga, Lake Ohrid, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" on 14-16 September 2000 with Mr Díaz de Mera (Spain, EPP/CD), then Mr Iwinski (Poland, SOC) and Mrs Vermot-Mangold (Switzerland, SOC) in the Chair:

-                  held a parliamentary Colloquy on population displacement in South Eastern Europe: trends, problems, solutions;

-                  held an exchange of views on the Committee's priorities and work programme for 2000-2001;

-                  was informed of the state of preparation of the Colloquy on policies for the integration of immigrants, The Hague, 16–18 November 2000;

-                  was informed of the humanitarian situation in the North Caucasus by Mr Stamm, representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and held an exchange of views on the subject;

-                  appointed Mr Iwinski (Poland, SOC) and Lord Judd (United Kingdom, SOC) to represent it at the ad hoc committee on the parliamentary cooperation of the countries of South Caucasus which will meet in Baku (Azerbaijan) and Erevan (Armenia) from 30 September to 5 October 2000 and held an exchange of views on the issues to be raised at the Seminar on refugees to be held in Baku in January 2001 (exact dates to be confirmed);

-                  held an exchange of views on the situation of the Roma/Gypsies in Europe;

-                  heard a statement by Mrs Zwerver (Netherlands, SOC) on the Conference on Diversity and Cohesion in Europe, organised by the European Committee on Migration (CDMG), Namur (Belgium), 7-9 September 2000;

-                  appointed following representatives:

·         Ad hoc Committee of the Bureau to take part in the European Conference "All different, all equal: from principles to practice", Strasbourg, 11-13 October 2000: Mrs Zapfl-Helbling (Suisse, EPP/CD);

·         Specialist Group on Roma/Gypsies (MG-S-ROM), Budapest, 30 October- 2 November 2000: Mr Tkác (Slovakia, EDG);

-                  decided to hold its next meetings as follows:

·         Strasbourg, during the fourth part-session 2000 (25-29 September 2000)

·         Paris, 20 October 2000

·         The Hague, 16-18 November 2000: full Committee (Colloquy on policies for the  integration of immigrants)

·         Paris, 8 December 2000

·         Strasbourg, during the first part-session 2001 (22-26 January 2001).


Vladimir Dronov/Agnieszka Nachilo/Markus Adelsbach