Synopsis No. 2001/104

26 September 2001

The Committee on Migration, Refugees and Demography, meeting in Strasbourg on 25 and 26 September 2001 with Mr Iwinski (Poland, SOC), then Mrs Vermot-Mangold (Switzerland, SOC):

As regards:

-         Migration related issues in the Mediterranean region: held an exchange of views with an Algerian parliamentary delegation;

-           Democracies facing terrorism: held and exchange of views and appointed Mrs Vermot-Mangold (Switzerland, SOC) to intervene as a speaker on behalf of the Committee;

-           Seminar on repatriation and integration of the Tatars of Crimea (Yalta, 5-6 October): approved the composition of the ad hoc Sub-Committee to attend the seminar as follows:

Members: Mr Cilevics (Latvia, SOC), Mr Dmitrijevas (Lithuania, NR), Mr Saglam (Turkey, EPP/CD), Mr Slutsky (Russia, SOC), Mrs Zwerver (Netherlands, SOC); Substitutes: Mr Le Guen (France, SOC), Mr Nessa (Italy, EPP/CD), Mr Telek (Turkey, EDG), Mr Yez-Barnuevo (Spain, SOC), Mr Iwinski ex officio. Host country Ukraine: Mr Karpov, Mr Zarubinsky (alternate); Mr Oliynyk, Mr Tsybenko (alternate); Mr Udovenko, Mr Gaber (alternate).

-         Receiving conditions and capacities in European seaports for asylum seekers (Rapporteur: Mr Gaber, Ukraine, SOC): held an exchange of views with Mr Patrick Verhoeven, Secretary General of the European Seaports Organisation and Mr Guido Van Meel, Chairman of the Marine Committee of the European Seaports Organisation, approved a preliminary memorandum and a draft outline for a report and approved the composition of the ad hoc Sub-Committee as follows:

Mr Aliyev (Azerbaijan, EDG), Mr Cilevics (Latvia, SOC), Mr Gaber (Ukraine, SOC), Mr Gross (Switzerland, SOC), Mr Hancock (United Kingdom, LDR), Mrs Zwerver (Netherlands, SOC) and ex officio Mr Iwinski; substitutes: Mrs Vermot-Mangold (Switzerland, SOC) and Mrs Torrado (Spain, SOC).

-         The ‘Propiska’ system applied to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Council of Europe member States: effects and remedies (Rapporteur: Mr Cilevics, Latvia, SOC): approved the draft report and adopted the draft recommendation;

-         Situation in "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia": appointed Mrs Zwerver (Netherlands, SOC) to intervene in the debate on behalf of the Committee;

-         Progress report on the activities of the Joint Working Group on Chechnya: appointed Mr Iwinski to intervene in the debate on behalf of the Committee;

-         Activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) (Rapporteur: Mr Slutsky, Russia, SOC): heard a statement by the rapporteur;

-         Conference on "Irregular migration and dignity of migrants: cooperation in the Mediterranean region (organised by the European Committee on Migration (CDMG), Athens, 3-4 October 2001): appointed Mrs Torrado to replace Mr Yez-Barnuevo as a member of the ad hoc Sub-Committee set up to attend this conference;

-         decided to resume its meeting in Strasbourg on 27 September 2001 (8.30 am and 2 pm).


Halvor Lervik/Agnieszka Nachilo/Sonia Sirtori