Secretariat of the Assembly


Synopsis N° 2001/093

6 September 2001


            The Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe, meeting in Paris on 6 September 2001 with Mr Mota Amaral in the Chair:

-           Progress of the Assembly’s monitoring procedure (2000-2001) (rapporteur: Mr Mota Amaral, Portugal, EPP/CD): approveda revised report, adopted unanimously a draft resolution, a draft recommendation and a draft order and instructed the rapporteur to present these at the Assembly’s 2001 September part-session, preferably before the meeting of the Joint Committee on 27 September 2001;

-           Ukraine (co-rapporteurs: Mrs Severinsen, Denmark, LDR and Mrs Wohlwend, Liechtenstein, EPP/CD): in the absence of the co-rapporteurs, held an exchange of views on the preliminary draft report;

-          Georgia (co-rapporteurs: Mr Diana, Italy, EPP/CD and Mr Eörsi, Hungary, LDR): completed and approved the revised report, adopted unanimously a draft resolution and a draft recommendation and instructed the co-rapporteurs to present these at the Assembly’s 2001 September part-session;

-           Russia (co-rapporteurs: Mr Atkinson, United Kingdom, EDG, and Mr Bindig, Germany, SOC) : held an exchange of views on the draft report on the honouring of Russia ’s obligations and commitments, authorised the co-rapporteurs to carry out a fact-finding visit to Saint Petersburg, Pskov and Novgorod from 1 to 7 October 2001 and a further visit to Moscow on 20-23 November 2001 and called on Russia to ensure that the Salvation Army enjoy the same rights as in other member states;

-           Post-monitoring dialogue on “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” : held an exchange of views on the latest political developments in the country, agreed to analyse the decision reached in Resolution 1213 (2000) to close the monitoring procedure and instructed its Chairman to present a memorandum on the preparation of such analysis;

-           Proposal to set up a sub-committee: postponed consideration of a memorandum on the establishment of a sub-committee on the settlement of conflicts referred to in member states’ commitments;

-           Armenia (co-rapporteurs: Mrs Belohorska, Slovakia, EDG, and Mr Jaskiernia, Poland, SOC) and Azerbaijan (co-rapporteurs: Mr Gross, Switzerland, SOC, Mr Martinez-Casań, Spain, PPE/DC): took note of the intention of the co-rapporteurs concerned to make fact-finding visits on respectively 17-22 October to Armenia and 29 October –2 November to Azerbaijan, took note of the progress report of the Monitoring Group of the Committee of Ministers GT-SUIVI.AGO and instructed its Chairman to present the Committee’s views at the meeting of the Joint Committee on 27 September 2001;

-           Next meetings: decided to meet during the Assembly part-session (24-28 September 2001), in Strasbourg on 6 November 2001 and to envisage a meeting in Paris on 11 December 2001, accepted, subject to the approval of the Bureau, an invitation of the Romanian Delegation to meet in Bucarest in 2002 and instructed the secretariat to ensure, with the secretariats concerned, that during future Assembly sessions dates of meetings of the Monitoring, Political Affairs and Legal Affairs Committees would not coincide.


Egbert Ausems, Géza Mezei, Marine Trévisan