AS/BUR: Documents and declarations

The Bureau's public documents and declarations.

Date Document title
25/08/2020 AS/Bur (2020) 31 / Memorandum
Memorandum prepared by Mr Stefan Schennach (Austria, SOC), Head of the PACE election assessment mission of the Presidential election in the Republic of Poland (28 June and 12 July 2020)
07/05/2020 AS/Bur (2020) 20 rev / Memorandum
Memorandum - Arrangements for the conduct of remote committee meetings
30/04/2020 AS/Bur (2020) 18 rev / Memorandum
Committees’ decision-making framework – adaptation of the working procedures of the committees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic exceptional situation
11/12/2018 AS/Pro (2018) 20 def / Opinion
List of rights of participation and representation whose exercise may be deprived or suspended in the context of a challenge of credentials with respect to voting rights in the procedure for electing personalities by the Assembly – Opinion for the Bureau of the Assembly
08/11/2018 AS/Bur (2018) 49 / Memorandum
Observation of the referendum in "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (30 September 2018)
28/06/2018 AS/Bur/MR-PA (2018) 08 / Report
Role and mission of the Parliamentary Assembly
05/06/2018 AS/Bur/MR-PA (2018) 06 rev / Revised memorandum
Role and mission of the Parliamentary Assembly
05/10/2016 AS/Bur (2016) 52 / Memorandum
Mission for the assessment of the referendum on the draft modifications to the Constitution of Azerbaijan (26 September 2016)