Description of steps to help input declarations of interest

To help in the implementation of the new rules concerning the annual submission of declarations of interests, members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe are invited to use the on-line procedure as described below.

Access to the form

  • Access to the list of forms

    Access to the application is personalised and protected. Each member will have an individual account using their private email address to identify themselves, as indicated and verified by the delegation secretariat.

    We invite you to use the password modification procedure on first use, in order to choose a password of your choice.

    Once identified, you will be able to access your list of forms (one a year), and the actions available for each (edit or consult).

    To fill in your declaration, please click on the "Edit" link.

  • Editing and validating the form

    The form comprises eleven distinct sections (from A to K) to be completed in one of the two official languages (French or English).

    Please refer to the detailed guidelines sent to you by email before filling in each section.

    During the modification (writing) phase, that is, before the form is published, you can save at any time, quit and come back later as convenient. Note that there is an automatic backup triggered after every modification. The date of the last modification (on the top left of the form) will help you check the form has been saved properly.

    Once the form has been completed, you should check it by following the various validation steps.

    NB: The validation of the form locks the declaration; the declaration is transmitted for publication on the Assembly's website.

  • Publication of the form

    Once validated, your declaration of interests will be published and accessible on the Parliamentary Assembly’s site (under Members > All members). Your declaration can be downloaded as a PDF file or printed out.

    Possible regularisation in the case of errors in good faith

    It may occasionally be necessary to correct or modify your declaration already published for the current year. In this case, please contact by email: Your form will be temporarily made available and you will be able to modify the contents following the normal process. This latter version of the declaration will be published under the same conditions as indicated above. Please note that previous published declarations (from the current or previous years) will be visible on the site.

  • FAQ

    I received the password modification email, but can’t follow the procedure as I have to enter my previous unknown password.
    This can happen when the clickable link is altered by your mailbox. If so, you can try copying the whole link, then pasting it into the address field of your preferred browser. If the problem persists, please contact

    I’m on the editing page of the form but don’t see the editing sections A to K
    Is your browser up-to-date? If using an up-to-date browser does not resolve the problem, please send us the name/version of your browser to the address
    You will usually find this information under Help > About in your browser.

    I can’t find the right currency in the list of currencies
    Please send the ISO code of the currency you wish to add.

    I can't change the form's language
    The form appears in your preferred official language (French or English) as indicated in your file in the Assembly List ("Annuaire"). To change your preference, please contact