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Abolition of the death penalty: Legal Affairs Committee draws up a situation report

The Committee on Legal Affairs drawn up a situation report on the abolition of the death penalty in Council of Europe member and observer states, Belarus and countries whose parliaments have co-operation status. More

Our 70-years young convention – protecting the freedom of future generations

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, the Committee on Legal Affairs recalled the achievements of the European Convention on Human Rights on the eve of its 70th anniversary year. More

Protecting freedom of religion or belief in the workplace

Freedom to manifest one’s religion or belief applies also in the workplace. The question of “accommodating the manifestation of employees’ religion or belief is thus of crucial importance”, the committee said. More

PACE committee finds Azerbaijan has a ‘systemic’ problem of political prisoners, urges reform and review of reported cases

The Committee on Legal Affairs has found that, on the basis of factual findings of the European Court of Human Rights, a number of individuals are “political prisoners” according to the Assembly's definition. More

Council of Europe leaders highlight 70 years of the European Convention on Human Rights

Thanks to the Convention, overseen by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Europe has the strongest system of international human rights protection anywhere in the world. More

PACE committee sets out detail of a “complementary joint procedure” when a state violates its obligations

The committee has approved the basic principles and steps involved in a “complementary joint procedure” between the Council of Europe’s two statutory bodies in response to a serious violation by a member State of its statutory obligations. More