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07/04/2014 2nd part of the 2014 Ordinary Session (7-11 April 2014) (Doc. 13439)
08/04/2014 Prostitution, trafficking and modern slavery in Europe (Doc. 13446)
08/04/2014 Request for Partner for Democracy status with the Parliamentary Assembly submitted by the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic (Doc. 13461)
08/04/2014 The situation and rights of traditional national minorities in Europe (Doc. 13445)
09/04/2014 Access to nationality and the effective implementation of the European Convention on Nationality (Doc. 13392)
09/04/2014 Improving user protection and security in cyberspace (Doc. 13451)
09/04/2014 Recent developments in Ukraine: threats to the functioning of democratic institutions (Doc. 13482)
09/04/2014 The right to Internet access (Doc. 13434)
10/04/2014 Decent work for all (Doc. 13456)
10/04/2014 Reconsideration on substantive grounds of the previously ratified credentials of the Russian delegation (Doc. 13483)
10/04/2014 The protection of minors against excesses of sects (Doc. 13441)
10/04/2014 Urgent need to deal with new failures to co-operate with the European Court of Human Rights (Doc. 13435)
11/04/2014 Ending child poverty in Europe (Doc. 13458)
11/04/2014 Refugees and the right to work (Doc. 13462)