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Date   Votes on draft texts
23/06/2014 Activities of the Assembly’s Bureau and Standing Committee (11 April – 22 June 2014) (Doc. 13538)
24/06/2014 Evaluation of the implementation of the reform of the Parliamentary Assembly (Doc. 13528)
24/06/2014 The “left-to-die boat”: actions and reactions (Doc. 13532)
24/06/2014 The large-scale arrival of mixed migratory flows on Italian shores (Doc. 13531)
24/06/2014 Violence in and through the media (Doc. 13509)
25/06/2014 Identities and diversity within intercultural societies (Doc. 13522)
25/06/2014 Integration of migrants in Europe: the need for a proactive, long-term and global policy (Doc. 13530)
25/06/2014 Parliamentary contribution to resolving the Western Sahara conflict (Doc. 13526)
25/06/2014 Towards a better European democracy: facing the challenges of a federal Europe (Doc. 13527)
26/06/2014 Challenges for the Council of Europe Development Bank (Doc. 13513)
26/06/2014 Europe’s public administrations in flux: public service under threat? (Doc. 13529)
27/06/2014 Child-friendly juvenile justice: from rhetoric to reality (Doc. 13511)
27/06/2014 Reinforcement of the independence of the European Court of Human Rights (Doc. 13524)