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Date   Votes on draft texts
19/04/2016 Evaluation of the partnership for democracy in respect of the Palestinian National Council (Doc. 14002)
19/04/2016 Preventing the radicalisation of children by fighting the root causes (Doc. 14010)
19/04/2016 Towards a framework of competences for democratic citizenship (Doc. 13992)
20/04/2016 A stronger European response to the Syrian refugee crisis (Doc. 14014)
20/04/2016 Human rights of refugees and migrants – the situation in the Western Balkans (Doc. 14013)
20/04/2016 Intellectual property rights in the digital era (Doc. 14009)
20/04/2016 Renewed commitment in the fight against antisemitism in Europe (Doc. 14008)
20/04/2016 The situation of refugees and migrants under the EU-Turkey Agreement of 18 March 2016 (Doc. 14028)
21/04/2016 After the Brussels attacks, urgent need to address security failures and step up counter-terrorism co-operation (Doc. 14031)
21/04/2016 Assessing the impact of measures to improve women’s political representation (Doc. 14011)
21/04/2016 The humanitarian concerns with regard to people captured during the war in Ukraine (Doc. 14015)
22/04/2016 Forced migration: a new challenge (Doc. 13983)
22/04/2016 The case against a Council of Europe legal instrument on involuntary measures in psychiatry (Doc. 14007)
22/04/2016 The handling of international public health emergencies (Doc. 14012)