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Date   Votes on draft texts
27/06/2017 Parliamentary scrutiny over corruption: parliamentary co­operation with the investigative media (Doc. 14274)
27/06/2017 Promoting integrity in governance to tackle political corruption (Doc. 14344)
27/06/2017 Recognition and implementation of the principle of accountability in the Parliamentary Assembly (Doc. 14338)
27/06/2017 The situation in Belarus (Doc. 14333)
28/06/2017 A comprehensive humanitarian and political response to the migration and refugee crisis in Europe (Doc. 14342)
28/06/2017 Human rights implications of the European response to transit migration across the Mediterranean (Doc. 14341)
28/06/2017 Integration of refugees in times of critical pressure: learning from recent experience and examples of best practice (Doc. 14329)
28/06/2017 Migration as an opportunity for European development (Doc. 14335)
29/06/2017 Political influence over independent media and journalists (Doc. 14339)
29/06/2017 Putting an end to sexual violence and harassment of women in public space (Doc. 14337)
29/06/2017 The implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (Doc. 14340)
30/06/2017 The “Turin Process”: reinforcing social rights in Europe (Doc. 14343)