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30/09/2019 Fourth part of the 2019 Ordinary Session (30 September-4 October 2019) (Doc. 14959)
01/10/2019 Improving the protection of whistle-blowers all over Europe (Doc. 14958)
02/10/2019 Ombudsman institutions in Europe - the need for a set of common standards (Doc. 14953)
02/10/2019 Post-monitoring dialogue with North Macedonia (Doc. 14964)
02/10/2019 Protecting and supporting the victims of terrorism (Doc. 14957)
02/10/2019 The Council of Europe Development Bank: contributing to building a more inclusive society (Doc. 14961)
03/10/2019 A legal status for "climate refugees" (Doc. 14955)
03/10/2019 Obstetrical and gynaecological violence (Doc. 14965)
03/10/2019 Saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea: the need for an urgent response (Doc. 14971)
03/10/2019 The functioning of democratic institutions in the Republic of Moldova (Doc. 14963)
04/10/2019 Jewish cultural heritage preservation (Doc. 14960)
04/10/2019 Labour migration from Eastern Europe and its impact on socio-demographic processes in these countries (Doc. 14956)