Doc. 9775

10 April 2003

Relations with Kazakhstan

Motion for a resolution

presented by Mr Iwiński and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

      The Parliamentary Assembly attaches great importance to furthering democracy in Kazakhstan. It is willing to provide its support for political reforms in the country, with the aim of promoting a democratic society based on the rule of law, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, which are among the Council of Europe’s core values.

      The Assembly notes the interest expressed by the Kazakh authorities in establishing closer relations with the Council of Europe, and particularly in concluding a co-operation agreement between the Kazakh Parliament and the Assembly. In this regard, it notes that Kazakhstan already enjoys observer status with the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) and has expressed an interest in co-operation with the Council of Europe through its Conventions.

      At the same time, the Assembly is concerned by information regarding a deterioration in the political climate in Kazakhstan. It is particularly concerned by reports of persecution of the political opposition and the independent media and by the fact that the death penalty is still in force.

      While welcoming the interest shown by Kazakhstan in relations with Europe, the Assembly calls on that country’s authorities to substantiate this policy choice by full compliance with the Council of Europe’s fundamental principles and democratic values. It considers that democratic reforms must be the main focus of co-operation between the Council of Europe and Kazakhstan and agrees to monitor democratic developments in that country closely.

Signed (see overleaf)

Signed 1:

Iwiński, Poland, SOC

Atkinson, United Kingdom, EDG

Blaauw, Netherlands, LDR

Blankenborg, Norway, SOC

Chapman, United Kingdom, EDG

Davis, United Kingdom, SOC

Druviete, Latvia, EPP/CD

Feric-Vać, Croatia, SOC

Gross, Switzerland, SOC

Lloyd, United Kingdom, SOC

Masseret, France, SOC

Neguta, Moldova, UEL

Pangalos, Greece, SOC

Roth, Germany, SOC

Severinsen, Denmark, LDR

Solé Tura, Spain, SOC

Tritz, Germany, SOC

van Winsen, Netherlands, EPP/CD

Voulgarakis, Greece, EPP/CD

1        SOC: Socialist Group

      EPP/CD: Group of the European People’s Party

      EDG: European Democratic Group

      LDR : Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group

      UEL: Group of the Unified European Left

      NR: not registered in a group