Doc. 9971

13 October 2003

Initiation of a monitoring procedure

Motion for a resolution

presented by Mr Frey and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

      With regard to Resolution 1115 (1997) on “The honouring of obligations and commitments by member States of the Council of Europe” and especially the “Terms of reference of the Assembly Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe”,

      The following amendment is proposed to the terms of reference:

      Amendment to paragraph 3:

      “Applications (other than those made by the Monitoring Committee itself) are to be considered by the Monitoring Committee which, after the appointment of two co-rapporteurs and after carrying out the necessary investigations, will prepare a written opinion for the Bureau. In the light of the committee's opinion, the Bureau will take a decision on whether to initiate a monitoring procedure and if that is the case will include this item in the Parliamentary Assembly’s agenda and timetable, for decision, with a report for debate. Following discussion, the Assembly will vote on the text(s) contained within this report and, in particular, will determine whether a monitoring procedure should be initiated. The Bureau will decide, subject to ratification by the Assembly, and when strictly necessary, on the committee(s) to which the matter may possibly be referred for an opinion. If the Bureau decides against a monitoring procedure, the Assembly’s confirmation will be required. “De

      Delete the remainder.

Signed (see overleaf)

Signed 1:

Frey, Switzerland, LDR

Akçam, Turkey, EPP/CD

Bargholtz, Sweden, LDR

Bauer, Slovakia, EPP/CD

Brunhart, Liechtenstein, EPP/CD

Busić, Croatia, EPP/CD

Clerfayt, Belgium, LDR

Coifan, Romania, LDR

Cozarciuc, Moldova, LDR

Deíttert, Germany, EPP/CD

Devínsky, Slovakia, EPP/CD

Dimič, Serbia and Montenegro, LDR

Donabauer, Austria, EPP/CD

Dromberg, Finland, EPP/CD

Duka-Zólyomi, Slovakia, EPP/CD

Eörsi, Hungary, LDR

Fehr, Switzerland, LDR

Figel, Slovakia, EPP/CD

Glesener, Luxembourg, EPP/CD

Goris, Belgium, LDR

Götz, Germany, EPP/CD

Goulet, France, LDR

Gross, Switzerland, LDR

Guardans, Spain, LDR

Gubert, Italy, EPP/CD

Haupert, Luxembourg, EPP/CD

Kelemen, Romania, EPP/CD

Kocharyan, Armenia, LDR

Kroupa, Czech Republic, EPP/CD

Mas Torres, Andorra, EPP/CD

Milotinova, Bulgaria, LDR

Miššík, Slovakia, EPP/CD

Nabholtz-Haidegger, Switzerland, LDR

Nazaré Pereira, Portugal, EPP/CD

Pangalos, Greece, SOC

Pericleous Papadopoulos, Cyprus, LDR

Pourgourides, Cyprus, EPP/CD

Provera, Italy, LDR

Russell-Johnston, United Kingdom, LDR

Sasi, Finland, EPP/CD

Schreiner, France, EDG

Szalay, Hungary, LDR

Tekelioğlu, Turkey, EPP/CD

Van den Brande, Belgium, EPP/CD

van der Linden, Netherlands, EPP/CD

Velikov, Bulgaria, LDR

Wielowieyski, Poland, EPP/CD

Wielowieyski, Poland, EPP/CD

Wohlwend, Liechtenstein, EPP/CD

Zapfl-Helbling, Switzerland, EPP/CD

1        SOC: Socialist Group

      EPP/CD: Group of the European People’s Party

      EDG: European Democratic Group

      LDR : Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group

      UEL: Group of the Unified European Left

      NR: not registered in a group