Parliamentary Assembly

The humanitarian situation of the Chechen displaced population

Doc. 10096
17 February 2004

Motion for a recommendation
presented by M. Iwinski and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

1.         Five years after the outbreak of the second armed conflict in Chechnya, the humanitarian situation continues to be difficult in the North Caucasus. There are still 70 000 internally displaced persons from Chechnya in Ingushetia. Out of this figure 7 000 live in tented camps and more than 23 000 in temporary settlements. The living conditions are extremely difficult, and all those people are to a great extent dependent on humanitarian relief aid and assistance.

2.         Continuous threats of possible closures of camps in Ingushetia as well as numerous reports on economic and psychological pressure on IDPs to return to Chechnya, raise serious concerns.     

3.         The returns of individuals continue but the security conditions still do not allow for mass returns. Since 1 January 2004, as many as 345 IDPs have returned to Chechnya.

4.         Despite the reconstruction effort, the living conditions in Chechnya and in particular in Grozny are very precarious. The humanitarian relief aid and assistance remains of crucial importance.

5.         It is clear that the humanitarian situation both in Chechnya and in the neighbouring republics, in particular in Ingushetia will remain precarious still for a long time.

6.         The Assembly therefore recommends that the Committee of Ministers calls on the Russian authorities to:

i.          refrain from any kind of pressure on IDPs to force them to return to Chechnya;

ii.          maintain the remaining tent camps and relief aid in Ingushetia as long as the conditions for mass returns are not met;

iii.         increase humanitarian relief aids and assistance to IDPs in Chechnya and Ingushetia;

iv.         facilitate work of international humanitarian agencies in the region. 

Signed [1]:
Iwinski, Poland, SOC
Bušic, Croatia, EPP/CD
Einarsson, Sweden, UEL
Err, Luxembourg, SOC
Filipiová, Czech Republic, EDG
Gonzi, Malta, EPP/CD
Kaufmann, Switzerland, NR
Saks, Estonia, SOC
Tkác, Slovakia, EDG
Wilkinson, United Kingdom, EDG
Zapfl-Helbling, Switzerland, EPP/CD



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European Democratic Group
Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group
Group of the Unified European Left
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