Parliamentary Assembly

Urgency to prevent the destruction of cultural monuments in the Armenian-occupied town of Shusha of Azerbaijan

Doc. 10159
27 April 2004

Written question No 444 to the Committee of Ministers
presented by Mr R. Huseynov

The domain of cultural heritage has been largely subjected to the damage in 20% of the territories of Azerbaijan presently occupied by the armed forces of Armenia.  In spite of the fact that this problem was raised several times and various documents were prepared, it can not but cause a regret that no positive results are attained to this end.  In recent times, the systematic demolition of historical and cultural monuments in Shusha is increasingly of great concern and makes necessary that most serious measures be undertaken to preserve this historical city.

Shusha town, being the cultural capital of Azerbaijan and named as “Conservatoire of Caucasus”, for the richness of historical, cultural and archaeological monuments had received the status of reserve town by the decision of the Government of Azerbaijan.  The majority of cultural and historical monuments of this town had been included to the list of national and world important monuments.  To date, the most of these monuments have been destroyed and continue to be destructed.

In the area of destructed monuments the restaurants and other commercial services are constructed.  The historical house of famous Azerbaijan poetess Natavan (19th century) was burnt away, the mosque of Govhar Aga (the masterpiece of Eastern architecture and symbol of Shusha) was destroyed, the property of famous painter and musician Mir Mohsun Navvab was also demolished.

Many famous musicians of Azerbaijan were from Shusha, their houses of architectural value were destroyed.

As a result of intensified destruction activities, the real historical and cultural image of the town is at the vanishing point.  All this shows genuine intention of the aggressor to extinguish all memory of the historical town of Shusha.  This landmark is the asset of Azerbaijan as well as of Europe.

Taking into account the above-mentioned facts, Mr Huseynov asks the Committee of Ministers:

Which concrete, operational and urgent measures are possible in order to stop the mass destruction of monuments of the reserve town Shusha, to prevent the destruction of cemeteries and religious objects, to put an end to the commercial interests altering ultimately the unique architecture of this town?

Signed [1]:
R. Huseynov, Azerbaijan, LDR



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