Condemnation of the admiration and justification of nazism

Doc. 10231
23 June 2004

Motion for a resolution
presented by Mr Margelov and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

In May 2005 the world will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Victory over nazism in Europe. Sixty years ago people sacrified millions of lives to destroy the most cruel and inhumane regime that ever existed on the European continent. Its ideologists, practitioners and executioners who realized their ideals of racial and national superiority were found guilty of massive war crimes and of crimes against humanity, and were resolutely condemned.

But sixty years later we see again that not all have yet learned lessons of the past. In some countries we see the graves of heroes who sacrified their lives fighting nazism desecrated, veterans who fought fascism persecuted, “memorials” dedicated to Hitler’s henchmen erected, and those collaborators who are still alive, honoured.

It is especially appalling since all of this is taking place in a modern, democratic and united Europe, where the lessons of World War II should form part of the genetic memory, and become a moral reference point for European peoples.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in some countries. We call upon the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to condemn the recurrence of nazism and the encouragement of its contemporary manifestations as immoral and as being in contravention of the very principles of the Council of Europe Charter.

Signed [1]:
MARGELOV Mikhail, Russia, EDG
ATKINSON David, United Kingdom, EDG
GROSS Andreas, Switzerland, SOC
JAKIC Roman, Slovenia, LDR
KOSACHEV Konstantin, Russia, EDG
LOUTFI Younal, Bulgaria, LDR
Lord JUDD, United Kingdom, SOC
MAŠTÁLKA Jirí, Czech Republic, UEL
MELCÁK Miloš, Czech Republic, SOC
SEVERIN Adrian, Romania, SOC
SEYIDOV Samad, Azerbaijan, EDG
STANTCHEVA Darinka, Bulgaria, LDR
TEVDORADZE Elene, Georgia, EDG
UMAKHANOV Ilyas, Russia, EDG



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Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group
Group of the Unified European Left
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