Integration of migrant women in Europe

Doc. 10236
28 June 2004

Motion for a resolution
presented by Mrs Cliveti and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

1.        The issue of immigration and integration poses a major challenge for most member states of the Council of Europe.  As it happens, half of these migrants are women, who play a very specific role in the process of integration in the host country.

2.        The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe wonders whether the specific problems experienced by immigrant women have been sufficiently addressed in integration policies to date.  In matters relating to civic and social rights, as regards access to training and employment, or participation in cultural and political activities, many immigrant women continue to suffer multiple discrimination because of their gender and their ethnic origin.

3.        The Parliamentary Assembly has already examined the issue of migrant women in the past.  It adopted Recommendation 1261 (1995) on the situation of immigrant women in Europe and Recommendation 1374 (1998) on refugee women.  The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, and in particular its Committee on Social Cohesion, has also carried out work in this area.

4.        With a view to promoting effective equality between women and men and strengthening social cohesion, the Assembly would now like to explore this issue further by examining practical measures for facilitating the integration of migrant women in the various sections of society, and by encouraging member states to be more sensitive to their needs and specific problems with a view to ensuring their social, professional and personal development. The Assembly could, for example, encourage Council of Europe member states to:

i. promote the economic integration of immigrant women by emphasising gender equality in training and employment and in particular by encouraging women living in social housing to start up their own activities and businesses;

ii. facilitate their social integration through education, including notably learning the language of the host country.

Signed [1]:
CLIVETI Minodora, Romania, SOC
AGUIAR Manuela, Portugal, EPP/CD  
BAUER Edit, Slovakia, EPP/CD
BILGEHAN G�ls�n, Turkey, SOC
DROMBERG Kaarina, Finland, EPP/CD
GABURRO Giuseppe, Italy, EPP/CD
OSKINA Vera, Russia, EDG
PLATVOET Leo, Netherlands, UEL
RINGSTAD Jorunn, Norway, LDR
SMIRNOVA Svetlana, Russia, EDG
STANTCHEVA Darinka, Bulgaria, LDR



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Group of the European People’s Party
European Democratic Group
Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group
Group of the Unified European Left
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