Lifting of parliamentary immunity of three Moldavan parliamentarians

Doc. 10249
5 July 2004

Written question No 449 to the Committee of Ministers
presented by Mr van der Linden

On 10 March 2004 President Peter Schieder wrote to the Speaker of the Moldavian Parliament requesting clarification on the events surrounding the lifting of parliamentary immunity on three Moldavan parliamentarians, one of whom was simultaneously a member of the Parliamentary Assembly.

By letter dated 2 April 2004, Mrs Eugenia Ostapciuc, President of the Moldavan Parliament, replied to Mr Schieder.

Does the Committee of Ministers believe that the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of MM Vlad Cubreacov, Iurie Rosca and Stefan Secareanu was justified and that the allegations made against the parliamentarians relate in fact to common criminal and / or defamation infringements and are not in fact acts of political retribution against major figures of the political opposition just one year prior to legislative elections?

Can the Committee of Ministers ascertain what legal actions, if any, have yet been initiated, what is the timetable(s) for such legal proceedings and what guarantees can the Moldavan authorities give of complete impartiality and scrupulous independence of the judiciary in whatever legal proceedings may follow?

Signed [1]:
van der LINDEN René, Netherlands, EPP/CD



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