Europe’s interest in the continued economic development of Russia

Doc. 10343
19 October 2004

Motion for a resolution
presented by Mr Sasi and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

1.       Europe has a vital interest in the continued economic development of Russia.  The country’s economy has grown by over 7% annually in recent years, raising the prospect of greater prosperity for ever wider parts of the population and giving rise to more wealth–producing trade with neighbouring and other countries.

2.       Obstacles to further rapid growth remain, however, in the form of an insufficiently diversified economy which is still inordinately geared towards raw materials such as oil and gas and semi-finished products; an incomplete development of the services sector; and insufficient quality in many products which have yet to meet international norms and standards.

3.       It must in this situation be hoped that the economic reform process in Russia can regain new momentum via the enactment of transparent and clear legislation making for predictable conditions in economic life; strong protection of property rights and investment favouring a renewed influx of foreign capital and the reversal of capital flight; harmonisation of domestic rules and standards with those at European and world level; and a determined fight against economic crime.  Russia’s membership in the Council of Europe and a proper implementation of the 1997 Russia – EU Partnership and Cooperation Agreement are essential for the realisation of these reforms. The same holds for Russia’s membership in the World Trade Organisation, where every effort must be made to ensure that it can take place as soon as possible.

Signed [1]:
SASI Kimmo, Finland, SOC
BRAUN Marton, Hungary, EPP/CD
CREMA Giovanni, Italy, SOC
ELO Mikko, Finland, SOC
H�GMARK Anders, Sweden, EPP/CD
HOOPER, United Kingdom, EDG
JONAS Klaus-Werner, Germany, SOC
MIHKELSON Marko, Estonia, EPP/CD
MIMICA Neven, Croatia, SOC
�HMAN Conny, Sweden, SOC
OLIN Kalevi, Finland, SOC
PIROZHNIKOVA Liudmila, Russia, EDG
SCHREINER Bernard, France, EPP/CD
SZALAY Gabor, Hungary, LDR
VADAI Agnes, Hungary, SOC



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Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group
Group of the Unified European Left
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