Doc. 11126
20 January 2007

Memorandum of understanding between the Council of Europe and the European Union
Recommendation 1743 (2006)

Reply from the Committee of Ministers
adopted at the 984th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (17-18 January 2007)

1.       The Committee of Ministers has taken careful note of the proposals put forward by the Parliamentary Assembly for strengthening co-operation with the European Union. These, like all the other proposals submitted by the various interested parties, are being considered as part of the current work on the draft Memorandum of Understanding with the European Union within the CM-SUIVI3, meetings in which the Assembly takes part.

2.       In accordance with the orientations set out by the Heads of State and Government in the guidelines adopted at the Warsaw Summit, the aim of this work is to achieve “enhanced partnership and complementarity” between the Council of Europe and the European Union, in order to develop practical co-operation in all areas of common interest, including the parliamentary dimension. The Assembly will continue to be kept regularly informed of progress made in this matter.