16 October 1992

Doc. 6712



on the plight of the Kurdish people in Turkey

presented by Mr FRANCK and others

1.       A violent assault, launched by the Turkish army and paramilitary forces on 21 and 22 March 1992 upon the Kurdish populations in and around the towns of Cizre, Sirnak and Nusaybin in south-east Turkey, is still in progress.

2.       Since the attacks on the civilian population living in Sirnak took place in August 1992, 20 000 out of the city's population of 25 000 has had to flee. People living in the surrounding villages have also been forced to move. Material damages are enormous.

3.       Massive firepower deployed against Kurdish civilians provokes serious concern over the violation of human rights in the region.

4.       The Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers:

i.       take the necessary steps to stop the massive violation of human rights by Turkish security forces against the Kurdish minority;

ii.       invite Turkey to seek immediately a comprehensive political solution to the Kurdish minority problem.

Signed:       Franck, Worms, Cucó, Skaug, Ruffy, Guirado, Robert, Kirkhill, Pahtas, Astgeirsdottir, Hacklin, Hadjidemetriou, Särkijärvi, Espersen, Err, Brito, Iwinski, Guenov, Efraimoglou