4 February 1993

Doc. 6763



on violations of and departures from international

law and human rights principles by the Islamic Republic

of Iran in a member state of the Council of Europe

presented by Mr THOMPSON and others

      The Assembly,

1.       Considering the previous resolutions and written declarations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, including Written Declaration No. 188;

2.       Noting the discovery in Turkey of the body of Mr Akbar Ghorbani, a member of the People's Majahedin of Iran, who was kidnapped in daylight on 4 June 1992 in Istanbul by agents of the Iranian regime;

3.       Considering the urgent resolution of the European Parliament B3/0839/92 on 10 June 1992 in which it called on the Turkish Government to take immediate steps to prevent the transfer of Mr Ghorbani to Iran where he would face certain death;

4.       Recalling that the body of Mr Ghorbani was discovered after admissions by terrorists attached to Teheran's intelligence services (SAVAK) who had been arrested by the Turkish police, and that these admissions leave no doubt as to the direct involvement of the Iranian regime in Mr Ghorbani's murder;

5.       Appalled that Mr Ghorbani had been subject to cruel treatment and torture before being murdered;

6.       Considering the Iranian regime's involvement in at least 50 assassination attempts against the Iranian refugees in Turkey, in its assassination of the citizens of third countries as well as of Turkish citizens such as the renowned journalist, Ugur Mumcu;

7.       With reference to the telegrams of Mr Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance (NCRI) to the Prime Minister of Turkey on 7 and 9 June 1992, which had expressed concern regarding the torture of Mr Ghorbani:

i.       Strongly condemns this brutal assassination as a blatant violation of human rights;

ii.       Offers its condolences to the wife and family of Mr Ghorbani regarding the brutal murder of Mr Ghorbani;

iii.       Supports all attempts by the Turkish Government to bring to justice the perpetrators of this terrorist act and resist attempts by the Iranian regime to ensure escape of its agents from punishment;

iv.       Supports all attempts by the Turkish Government to safeguard the rights of political refugees in its territory;

v.       Calls upon the international community to voice protest against the assassination of Akbar Ghorbani and make every effort to enforce the observance of human rights and the rights of liberty of all Iranian individuals and societies;

vi.       Calls upon the Foreign Ministers of member states to table a resolution at the earliest possible date with the Security Council of the United Nations to bring to an end the violation of human rights by the Iranian regime.

      Signed:       Thompson, Hardy, Hughes, Redmond, Cox, Cunliffe, Dunnachie, Lockwood, Banks, Marshall