4 February 1993

Doc. 6765



in favour of the immediate release of Xanana Gusmão

and the defence of human rights in East Timor

      The undersigned, members of the Assembly,

1.       Considering that Xanana Gusmão, who for 16 years conducted the resistance in East Timor to the illegal occupation of Indonesia, is being judged by Jakarta's regime for having fought against the violent integration of his country in that republic;

2.       Considering that the resistance to the invader for the liberation of their country is a legitimate right of the peoples;

3.       Considering that, on the contrary, the Indonesian regime is acting illegally when occupying the territory of East Timor in a total disregard to international right;

4.       Considering the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council defending the retreat of the Indonesian troops and the right to self-determination and independence of the people of East Timor;

5.       Considering Resolution 966 adopted on 28 June 1991 by the Standing Committee, on behalf of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe;

6.       i.       Urge the Indonesian Government to immediately release Xanana Gusmão and all East Timorese political prisoners;

      ii.       Denounce to the international community the farce of this trial with which Indonesia wishes to convince the international public opinion that the annexation of East Timor is a "fait accompli";

      iii.       Reiterate the inalienable right of the people of East Timor to self-determination and independence;

      iv.       Hope that the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Council of Europe will follow the evolution of the situation of human rights in East Timor.

Signed:       Brito       Franck

      Curto       Aguiar

      Pinto       Foschi

      Marques       Cuco

      Roseta       Palacios

      Roman       Büchel

      Iwinski       Ruffy

      Szelenyi       Böhm

      Schieder       Finsberg

      Pangalos       Rodrigues

      Baarveld-Schlaman       Eisma

      Hadjidemetriou       Parisi

      Särkijärvi       Poças Santos

      Pahtas       Persson

      Robert       Martins



      Total:       31