5 February 1993

Doc. 6768


on diet and health

presented by Mrs GJŘRV and others

      The Assembly,

1.       Referring to its Recommendation 1142 (1991) on the labelling of quality food products;

2.       Aware that the diet plays a fundamental role for human well-being and health and that it can prevent or cure as well as cause illness;

3.       Convinced that healthy food products are obtained from healthy raw materials produced in a healthy environment;

4.       Concerned that consumers are not adequately informed neither of the quality and nutritional value of different raw and processed foodstuffs nor of the relation between diet and health;

5.       Believing that better information and education on the nutritional value of foodstuffs and relationships between diet and health would benefit consumers and at the same time stimulate farmers to produce quality food and, hence, contribute to maintaining a living countryside with a viable agricultural sector;

6.       Recommends that the Committee of Ministers take steps to improve education and public information on the quality and nutritional value of foodstuffs as well as the relationship between diet and health.

Signé:       Gjřrv, Özver, Pahtas, Paire, Hansen, Kiratlioglu, Kiliç, Lummer, Hunault, de Carolis, Nybakk, Skaug, Bondevik, Gundersen, Anttila, Gunnarsson, Sipos, Graenitz, Thoresen, Ruffy, Frias, Guirado, Mackie of Benshie, Tummers.