7 February 1995

Doc. 7239

MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION on the violation of human rights in jails and penitentiaries on territories under Russian control

presented by Mr MOTIU, Romania and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

1.       The location of the 14th Russian army on the Moldavian territory of Transnistria, led to the secessionist movement of the Russian minority under the leadership of Smirnoff, a former Russian communist party top official from the Ural Region. Smirnoff came to Moldova in 1990 and with the support of the 14th Russian Army succeeded in establishing a Russian administration in Transnistria, infringing Moldavian sovereignty and violating all Moldavian laws.

2.       Under Smirnoff's illegal administration, justice is a mockery. The lives of those sentenced to prison are in permanent danger. Detention in Smirnoff's jails recall former Tsarist as well as communist conditions, meant to kill embarassing prisoners.

3.       Right now, those of the Ilascu Group sentenced to jail are kept in cages like wild animals, in very poor conditons. To crush them, Smirnoff's guards deny health care to the prisoners and in the meantime they are subject to unbelievable psychological tortures.

4.       Under these circumstances, when not only on Russian national territory, but on some other state's territory under Russian control, the Russian government is violating fundamental human rights, the Assembly must halt the examination of the Russian request for membership of the Council of Europe until the above-mentioned violations are stopped and human rights are observed.


Motiu, Romania, -

Mocioi, Romania, UEL

Jansson, Finland, LDR

Newall, United Kingdom, EDG

Dromberg, Finland, EDG

Paunescu, Romania, UEL

Pozela, Lithuania, LDR

Tiuri, Finland, EDG

Golu, Romania, SOC

Buzatu, Romania, UEL

Severin, Romania, SOC

Iuliano, Romania, LDR

Parisi, Italy, EPP

*       SOC : Socialist Group

      EPP : Group of the European People's Party

      EDG : European Democratic Group

      LDR : Liberal, Democratic and Reformers Group

      UEL : Group of the Unified European Left