15 July 1992

Doc. 6634
.2       2nd edition


on the protection of women's life, dignity and rights

(2nd edition)

(originally tabled on 16 May 1992)

      The undersigned, members of the Assembly,

1.       Reaffirm their belief in the principle of the equal worth and dignity of each human being, man and woman. Equality in the sphere of private life implies the recognition, both for men and women, of freedom of choice and the right to self-determination as regards procreation;

2.       Are convinced that for women the free choice of motherhood with, as its corollary, a desired and accepted child, is an established fact in our democratic societies; this free choice must be placed in the framework of a comprehensive family policy incorporating sexual education, information on contraception and free access thereto, social benefits and services in favour of the child and the family, as well as the possibility of resorting to voluntary interruption of pregnancy;

3.       Recall that the great majority of member states of the Council of Europe pride themselves upon having enacted liberal legislations in that latter field which are respectful of women's life, dignity and rights;

4.       Express their concern at any setback in recognising and safeguarding women's rights which would be contrary to the Council of Europe's aims and values.


      BEIX       FRIAS


      BORDERAS       DE PUIG

      CACCIA F.       PISTRE

      TIURI       ERR

      WORMS       HÅVIK



      FORNI       PECRIAUX

      PERSSON       PINI

      IWINSKI       HALLER





      Total : 27