3 October 1992

Doc. 6691


on the allocation of seats in the Assembly

among member states

presented by Mr G‹NER and others

      The Assembly,

1.       Considering that the scale for the allocation of seats in the Assembly among the member states of the Council of Europe was fixed in 1949 on the basis, inter alia, of the population figures available at that time and it has not been reviewed since 1978;

2.       Noting the most recent population statistics of the United Nations Organisation and particularly the recent official census figures of Turkey;

3.       Considering that the population of Turkey has increased from 40 million in 1978 to 57 million in 1992, which is much more than any other increase in other member states;

4.       Ascertaining that the demographic growth which Turkey has experienced since the number of seats for her delegation was last fixed at twelve in 1978, has again relegated this country to a position of being under-represented in the Assembly; and that Turkey's population is already equal to that of France (56.3 million), Italy (57.5 million) and the United Kingdom (57 million) which were allocated eighteen seats,

5.       Recommends that the Committee of Ministers fix at eighteen the number of seats in the Assembly to which Turkey is entitled and make the necessary consequential amendment in Article 26 of the Statute of the Council of Europe;

6.       Expresses the wish that the recommended amendment of the Statute may be effected before the opening of the 45th Ordinary Session of the Assembly.