16 February 1993

Doc. 6774



on scientific research in smaller countries

presented by Mr POÇAS SANTOS and others

The Assembly,

1.       Convinced that scientific and technological research is nowadays a prerequisite for genuine economic progress;

2.       Recognising, however, that the natural shortage of resources in smaller countries may impede development strategies in this area;

3.       Stressing, in particular, the bottlenecks which may result from the small size of domestic markets, the fact that they are open to the outside world and their consequent vulnerability;

4.       Also concerned about the possible impact of the "brain drain" in scientific communities, engendered by new mobility conditions;

5.       Considering that these and other constraints increase as territorial size decreases and development indicators fall;

6.       Asks the Committee of Ministers:

i.       to look into the problem of research and development options in smaller member countries of the Council of Europe;

ii.       to draw up recommendations on the subject if necessary.

      Signed:       Poças Santos, Bassinet, Dumont, Berger, Speroni, Bosco, Nybakk, Toshev, Luczak, F Probst, Pirinski, A Probst, Dinçerler, Schädler, Mészáros, Bartodziej, Lenzer, Pahtas, Bloetzer, Birraux, J Thompson, Newall, Tiuri, Konecny.