19 March 1993

Doc. 6797


on the protection of Salman Rushdie

presented by Mr EISMA and others

      The Assembly,

      Horrified by the confirmation of the "fatwah" issued against Salman Rushdie by the Iranian Government;

      Noting that the United Kingdom Government is responsible for the protection of Salman Rushdie;

      Convinced that the protection of the rights of Salman Rushdie - that is, his freedom of expression - needs the involvement of more countries than the United Kingdom,

      Asks the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to recommend that their governments contribute financially - together with the present responsible Government of the United Kingdom - to the protection of Salman Rushdie.

Signed:        Eisma, Persson, Skaug, Worms, Pahtas, Hunt, Hacklin, Szélenyi, Brito, Aguiar, Atkinson, Hawlicek, Hadjidemetriou, Flückiger.