19 March 1993

Doc. 6798


on the use of cultural emblems or historical heritage symbols

presented by Mr EFRAIMOGLOU and others

1.       It has been noted lately that some well-known cultural or historical heritage symbols or emblems belonging to a nation are being used for advertising or political purposes without authorisation.

2.       Acknowledging that the historical or cultural heritage symbols or emblems, which provide evidence of the history of a country, are being seriously threatened with falsification by unlawful use by others than their rightful owners, due to insufficient public awareness.

3.       The protection of this heritage which forms part of our European civilisation should not rest only with the country directly concerned but with all European countries. Measures should be taken to reduce the risk of clashes and disputes while promoting co-operation in the protection of our common historical and cultural heritage.

4.       The Assembly considers it urgent to examine the above problem and to have a debate on remedies to be taken for safeguarding cultural symbols and heritage emblems from unlawful misuse.

Signed:       Efraimoglou, Pahtas, Newall, Dees, Hawlicek, G. Bjarnason, Skaug, Persson, Eisma, Worms, Siwek, Dromberg, Guirado, Brito, Aguiar, Hadjidemetriou