1 July 1993

Doc.  6889


on the cultural situation

on the territory of former Yugoslavia

presented by Mrs FISCHER and others

1.       The Assembly has repeatedly stressed its concern about the overall situation on the territory of former Yugoslavia, in particular in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, but also in the former Yugoslav Republics of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Such concern has been directed to the immediate consequences of a state of war for the populations of these countries.

2.       While the Political Affairs Committee has been active in dealing with the political situation, the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights with human rights and the Committee on Migrations, Refugees and Demography with the situation of displaced populations, the Committee on Culture and Education has been following developments in its fields of competence: the cultural heritage, but also education, the media and the arts.

3.       The importance of all these fields is evident. It is a fact that the cultural heritage is a major target in what is already being called "cultural cleansing". It has been argued that the present war was prepared by the media, which created the conditions for its outburst and continues to feed it with hatred and intolerance. The plight of young people, either those who are not able to receive a proper education or those who are killed while playing football, cannot be over stressed.

4.       The Assembly therefore recommends that the Committee of Ministers:

a.       engage in a comprehensive and continuous survey of the situation in the above mentioned countries in the fields of:

      i.       the cultural heritage;

      ii.       the media;

      iii.       young people;

      iv.       education, higher education and research;

      v.       the arts and artists.

b.       support all those who, either inside or outside the countries of former Yugoslavia, work in the above fields, particularly by encouraging the setting-up of international networks;

c.       co-ordinate its action on the cultural field on the territory of former Yugoslavia with that of other international governmental and non governmental organisations;

d.       give a special priority to the countries of former Yugoslavia in its "confidence building measures" programme.

Signed: Fischer, Caldoro, Nuñez, Ferrari, de Puig, Malachowski, Guourova, Soell, Banks, Speed, Bell, Berg, Gül, Hadjidemetriou, Oehry, Baumel, Lopes Henares, Muehlemann, Schmidt, Fleetwood, Ryynänen, Hjelm-Wallen, Hawlicek, Tummers